Om Nikari

Nikari, founded in Finland 1967, is a manufacturer of sustainable wood design products of exquisite quality. We produce wooden furniture and custom-made furnishings of the local certified wood to public premises as well as private homes. The founder of the company - master cabinet maker, designer Kari Virtanen has worked with the greatest Finnish architects and designers such as Alvar Aalto and Kaj Franck. Through decades his determination to concentrate on wood and its ecological benefits has gained us great knowledge about Finnish wood and surface treatment materials like oils, waxes and soaps. Nowadays the Company is operated by the next generation of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

The Nikari studio-workshop is located in the beautiful, unique Fiskars village in south-west Finland, in the oldest machinery workshop of the country.

Nikari Sverige was founded in 2012 and since that with a permanent showroom at Rosenlundsgatan 40.

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Jonas Larsson +46 (0)70 732 82 45

Fredrik Franzén +46 (0)70 400 88 47

Daniel Hansson +46 (0)76 808 42 00